At EquitySim our mission is to help discover your potential in Finance. We are confident that we can enable anyone to take control of their finances, but some have unique aptitude for working in the industry.

We are searching for potential first, so even if you are starting your journey in Finance, you could be identified as someone with high potential.

Here are some steps to get noticed:

Start by Creating a Portfolio Strategy

We require that you showcase an understanding of principles of Portfolio Management as a starting point for recruitment opportunities. 

To qualify for recruitment opportunities, you must hold at least one portfolio with a Diversification of score 80+. 

What is the Diversification Score?

Join a Learning Challenge

The best way to level-up and showcase your skills is through our learning challenges.

In a learning challenge, you will focus on a specific metric on EquitySim, within a given time frame. We'll log your results throughout this timeframe and award badges and a certificate that validates your results. 

Those who showcase high potential here will be invited to our finalist's group and will be prepped for recruitment opportunities.

More about learning challenges

note: If you've joined EquitySim through an academic course, you are likely already part of a learning challenge. 

What opportunities are available?

We currently have recruitment opportunities for high school students and undergraduates. We hire for Sales and Trading internships at Credit Suisse.

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