This release includes the following changes:

Portfolio Showcase

  • You can now share your portfolios! Update your privacy settings (shown below) to reveal a shareable link that you can send to anyone (even those without an ES account). Now you can let your friends, family, or a future employer view a snapshot of your portfolio:
  • Once you set your portfolio to public it will be accessible on the leaderboard. Try clicking on another user's public portfolio on the leaderboard to access a snapshot of their portfolio.
  • NOTE: All portfolios linked to a classroom are auto set to public. This allows professors and peers to view class-linked portfolio results. This is the first step towards a broader roll-out of 'Community' features in an effort to help users connect better with one another.

User Avatars

  • Upload an avatar by navigating to account settings (shown below)
  • Avatars will set you apart on the leaderboards!

New Portfolio Interface

  • You can now review your class engagement and grading criteria scores in the Portfolio Progress tab for users linked to a classroom.
  • The Portfolio Holdings tab has replaced the Portfolio Overview page. You'll notice that information on the Holdings Table has now been re-arranged and the UI has been updated. A portfolio's cash holdings are located in the Holdings Table and users can also perform currency exchange there.
  • Portfolio Classroom is a new tab for portfolios that are a part of a class. Find the Class Leaderboard here! Thanks to user feedback, you will no longer have to use the Global Ranking to compare your portfolio to peers.

Multiple Portfolio Navigation

  • Creating or switching between portfolios has now been made easier! To open your portfolio selection tray, tap on the Portfolios tab in the left navigation bar.

We are always trying to improve our platform, with the primary goal of making it easier for you. An important part of that is hearing about your experience with EquitySim, and what changes you would like to see.

Please reach me at: [email protected] if you have any suggestions or feedback. 

Happy investing!

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