• Portfolio Starting Value: $1,000,000
  • Benchmark: S&P 500 
  • Trade Actions: Buy, Sell, Short Sell, Cover Short 
  • Order types: Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit
  • Trading Fees: $10/trade 
  • Margin: There will be no margin trading
  • Tradable Exchanges: Nasdaq, NYSE, TSX
  • Tradable Securities: Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Options
  • Research: You are encouraged to leverage data, information, and research outside of the platform to inform your decisions 

*note: Don’t worry if you do not know what any of this means. You’ll pick it up along the way


Price Discrepancies: As this is a simulated environment based-on the real world, not all prices are perfectly accurate. We rely on you to help report discrepancies, and to not take advantage of the system. Any participants caught leveraging price discrepancies for gain in the challenge will be removed from leaderboards and disqualified from winning internship opportunities.

Anti-Plagiarism: While we encourage you to leverage all the information you can access, EquitySim expects you to be honest about the insights and strategies that are owned by you. It will help you become a better investor when you can distinguish between public information and insights unique to you. 

Multiple Accounts: You cannot enter with more than one account. Anyone caught with multiple accounts will be disqualified. EquitySim has a multiple portfolio function. If you want to try other strategies, use this feature.

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