What is a Portfolio?

Your portfolio is a collection of investments that communicates your base strategy. It represents how much risk you are taking, how you are diversifying your investments and showcases your outlook on the markets.

You can think of a portfolio like a recipe, where each investment is an ingredient. Just like you'd determine how much salt to put on your meal, you'll choose how much exposure/weight you want each investment to hold in your portfolio. 

Tips on focus areas: 

  • Learn about different countries, industries, and securities
  • Understand your own risk-tolerance (play within it)
  • Write your portfolio strategy, using % weighting for each security:
  • Write rationales to keep track of your thought process, and understanding of the markets (it's okay not to have rationales for all trades, make sure some trades have thoughtful rationales)
  • Follow your curiosity, be creative and experiment

Recruitment Opportunities

We require that you showcase an understanding of basic Portfolio Management as a starting point for recruitment opportunities.

To qualify for recruitment opportunities, you must hold at least one portfolio with a Diversification score of 80+.

We challenge you to try launching your first portfolio!

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