Starting to invest can be complicated. We encourage you to start by creating a "portfolio" which is a collection of many investments. This helps you utilize a fundamental principle in Investment theory: Diversification

Portfolio Theory provides mathematical proof that by leveraging diversification you can achieve results not possible with out it. The classical saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket," gives us part of the picture behind the wisdom of diversification. 

When trying to generate profit ($'s) in investing, your cost is the risk you are willing to take. Generally, very risky things can lead to big pay offs, but can also lead to big losses. It's been proven that by holding a collection of investments from all different areas you will generate a better risk - reward ratio (bang for your buck). 

We've found that the easiest way for a starters to achieve a diversified portfolio is to use ETFs.

ETFs [def'n]: Short for "Exchange Traded Fund", an ETF is a single investment that contains many other investments (sometimes thousands).

Here's a short video that can help you better understand ETFs. It was part of a pet project I started 4 years ago called Investipe.

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