Sharpe Ratio is a formula that measures whether your returns are large enough to compensate for the amount of risk you are taking. It is used by professionals to determine if they have enough skill to compete in the industry.

The goal for this challenge is achieve Sharpe Ratio greater than 1. 

At EquitySim we believe if you can consistently achieve this, you have enough financial acumen to manage your own money "actively".

The timeframe for this challenge is 3 months, by using our ranking function you can track yourself on weekly, and monthly timeframes.

Those who can achieve Sharpe Ratio over 1 will be awarded a badge to acknowledge this accomplishment in their end of challenge certificate.


You can use the challenge in both competitive and collaborative ways. Push yourself to be at the top of leaderboards, or share strategies with other learners to improve your understanding of Sharpe Ratio. We aim to facilitate the medium to unlocking new strategies on how to maximize Sharpe Ratio.

Join our discord chat community to discuss with others: here 

Recruitment Opportunities 

We use our learning challenges as a way to screen for talent. Throughout the challenge you might be contacted by one of our scouts to join the "Finalists Groups," here you'll connect with other finalists, gain access to recruitment resources, and be given an introduction to one of our employer partners. 

note: EquitySim is still in the process of building our network of employer partners, we have limited opportunities. You might be top tier talent, but the requirements of our opportunities may restrict your eligibility.

Hints / Where to Start 

  • Read about what Sharpe Ratio is: here
  • Start by building a passive portfolio: here
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