The First Step is to "Experience your first Trade."

Most have heard the saying "make your money work for you," and instinctively we trust that "investing for the long-run" is a good thing. The reality is, for many of us it is impossible to retire without some form of investing.

But why are 70% of people under 30 not investing?* 


One of the most difficult things about learning to invest is "practicing" means putting up your own money for stakes. Learning becomes very costly, so two outcomes generally occur:

  1. Risk-takers jump in and gamble away their savings.
  2. Risk-avoiders never try. 

These are both devastating outcomes.

At EquitySim you can invest in the real financial markets with "simulated" (fake) money. You can experience investing, and learn from making the common mistakes (there are
a lot), without risking actual money.

We challenge you to take the leap and make your first trade on EquitySim:
How to place my first trade

If you haven't yet done so you can open an account on EquitySim for free:

*Data backing "70% of people under 30 are not investing"

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