We challenge you to jump in and try buying your first stock. 

There is a big learning opportunity in experiencing "buying a stock" for the first time. We've built EquitySim so you can experience this without any risk or cost. Don't worry about "getting it right," just experience what it is like to own an investment (good or bad).

Start by going to the Stocks page (under Trade). Choosing "Popular Stocks" is the easiest place to start, from there choose a random stock and hit trade! 

You'll see the "trade-order screen" pop-up.

You might not know what all functions do here, that's okay (we'll show you in future lessons). The primary goal for now is to place your first trade

For now, all you need is:

  1. QUANTITY (beginners: set quantity as 1)  
  2. PLACE ORDER BUTTON (click once quantity is set).

You did it, you've experienced placing this trade! 

You now "own" a part of this company. Now you can track if you make or lose money from this investment. 

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