Start by learning Portfolio Management Strategies 

We often see beginners start their journey into the Stock Markets with "trading strategies." Aiming to turn their $5,000 into $100,000+.

We advise you to understand the differences between trading and investing and to start by learning Portfolio Management strategies. 

Investors vs. Traders - What's the Difference? 


Traders focus on individual trades; profits are made by buying and selling in the short-run.

A trader can generate high abnormal returns (20%+ /year), but to do so consistently requires great skill. Amateurs usually end up gambling capital, taking this approach.

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Investors hold a portfolio of investments for the long-run. Profits are made over time, as the investment appreciates.

Investors should expect ~ 7-10%/ year over ten years. Learning the basic principles of investing is relatively straight-forward, we're confident we can teach this to everyone. It begins by building a diversified portfolio.

While there are some highly sophisticated and profitable traders, most amateur traders end up building gambling habits. We encourage you to start by learning an "Investor's Mindset" and building a portfolio.

Try Both

EquitySim's platform enables you to try your hand at all strategies.

Use EquitySim's multiple portfolio feature to try different strategies: 

Recruitment Opportunities

We require that you showcase an understanding of principles of Portfolio Management as a starting point for recruitment opportunities. 

To qualify for recruitment opportunities, you must hold at least one portfolio with a Diversification score of 80+. 

We challenge you to try launching your first portfolio!

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