How to: use EquitySim to improve your recruitment potential

At EquitySim our mission is to help you discover your potential in Finance. We are confident that anyone can use our simulation to learn to manage their own investments. However, some of you will have a unique aptitude for working in the industry.

Here is how you can use EquitySim to improve your chances of landing a career in Finance:

1. Use the simulation to gain market experience

We built the simulation because trading isn't something that can be easily learned from reading and textbooks. Hands-on experience is the best way to learn this field, and before simulations, only the select few who could land internships at a bank could achieve this.

Follow news, economic changes, and company updates while placing your trade ideas on EquitySim. Do this long enough and you will start to get a sense of what the markets are really like.

Note: EquitySim provides you with the tool to apply your knowledge, but you will need to scour the internet to find the best resources and information.

2. Share your track record with employers

Start a portfolio to build your track record (you can have multiple portfolios on EquitySim).

Showcase your strategies, and performance over time. When you feel satisfied with your results you can use our sharing features to share your portfolio on Linkedin, add it to your resume or send it directly to employers.

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3. Win a Sponsored Learning Challenge

Every year (usually May - September) sponsors like Credit-Suisse give you an opportunity to compete in a challenge against people from all around the world. The objective is to help you further your learning in Finance, but select winners will get an opportunity to interview directly with the firm.

note: These opportunities are currently only open to penultimate students currently studying at a College / University.

See: 2021 Credit-Suisse Investment Challenge

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