What are Public Portfolios?

How do I make my portfolio public?

Update your privacy settings (shown below) to reveal a shareable link that you can send to anyone (even those without an EquitySim account).

What does it mean to make my portfolio public?

If you choose to make your portfolio public, you'll be able to share your portfolio with other users on the platform. 

Others will be able to see your overall portfolio performance (Sharpe ratio and total return), your general approach, and your diversification metrics in terms of asset class, geography, and industry. 

Users will also be able to see your holdings, see whether you are long or short, and see how big your exposure is expressed as a percentage of your portfolio. 

Why should I make my portfolio public?

Now you can let your friends, family, or even a future employer view a snapshot of your portfolio

With a public portfolio, you can show off your portfolio's performance and compare your holdings, rationales, and strategies with other EquitySim users. 

Where can I see other public portfolios?

You can find other portfolios by clicking on the ranking page, which shows the top portfolios, in terms of Sharpe Ratio, on the platform.

By looking at others' public portfolios, you'll  also be able learn from other 'investors' on the platform and explore different investing ideas or approaches you might not have thought of yourself. 

If I choose to make my portfolio public, can I make it private again?

Absolutely! You can make your portfolio private or public at any time by editing your portfolio privacy settings.

NOTE: All portfolios linked to a classroom are auto set to public. This allows professors and peers to view class-linked portfolio results. This is the first step towards a broader roll-out of 'Community' features in an effort to help users connect better with one another.

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