What is the Engagement Score?

Engagement measures how much of the engagement criteria you have completed.

Engagement criteria are represented by the white boxes in your overview tab:

Only those with a ring around the metric is counted towards your engagement score. When the green circle is full you have completed all of your engagement criteria:

The Math Behind Engagement Score

The Engagement Score = Total Completed Tasks ÷ Total Tasks


If we take the example above. The learner needs to complete 20 Equity trades and 20 Rationales. So far they have completed 1 Equity Trade and 1 rationale.

Engagement Score = [ 1 + 1 ] / [ 20 + 20 ] = 5%

Performance Goals

The Engagement Score of a challenge is meant to incentivize you to perform specific behaviours to attain the learnings from the challenge. You should always aim for 100% completion.

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