2019 Credit Suisse Investment Challenge [Fall]

We're excited to announce our partnership with Credit Suisse to launch the Investment Challenge: an online learning experience that could lead to an internship at Credit Suisse's Equities division.  

Currently the jobs we are offering are in Asia, but Credit Suisse is looking for candidates across the world.  

Not interested in working in Asia? Leverage the challenge to learn valuables skills. As EquitySim grows and builds more partnerships, we might be able to find a job that better matches you.


Sept 20th, 2019: Registration Deadline
Sept 30th, 2019:
Level 1 ends: Scouts select who they are interested in for Level 2
Oct 31st, 2019:
Level 2 ends: 15 Challenge Finalists are selected
Nov 15th, 2019:
Finalists interview with Credit Suisse
Dec 15th, 2019:
Winners Announced, and awarded internships

Job Description: https://tas-creditsuisse.taleo.net/careersection/campus/jobdetail.ftl?job=131239&lang=en

Scouts - Internship Opportunities 

Throughout the challenge our scouts will be looking for rising talent. We'll reach out to you via email and through the platform to let you know if our scouts have their eyes on you. There are 15 internship spots up for grab. 

The scouts are not just interested in Finance experts. They are looking for curious leaners passionate about learning about the financial markets. 

The best thing you can do to catch a scouts attention is to learn.

After you complete Level 1, we'll let you know if a scout was interested in you.  
Learn more about Level 1: Creating your Portfolio Strategy

Interview Prep Study Group

For you to win the internship, you'll need to eventually pass an interview. Once you pass level 1, we'll create a study group for you and other Level 2 participants. Here you can meet other curious learners and practice interviews. We'll provide the common questions you'll be asked, and give you tips as to how to prepare with each other.

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