How to: Activity

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What is it for? Keep track of all of the trades you've placed.

Access the Activity page in the left-hand navigation.


View all of the trades you've placed here and the status of those trades.

Status - Processed: If your trade has been processed you'll see a checkmark beside the trade. This means the changes have been applied to your portfolio.

Status - Pending: If your trade is pending you'll see a green flashing circle. Pending trades have not yet been processed. Pending states occur when the order is placed when the market is closed, or if you created a limit order that has not yet reached its requirements.

You can cancel pending trades to prevent them from being executed.


Payouts display automatic changes to your portfolio due to the nature of certain investments. Examples: Cash changes due to dividend payouts, or option/bond maturities are displayed here.


Export your trade data into a spreadsheet formula so you can perform your own analysis.

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