How are prices determined in the simulation?

We power our simulations with real financial market data, creating a connection to the real world. However, if you look close enough you will find many discrepancies from the real world. The simulation is not meant to mirror the real world, but rather to reflect it.

How are trades executed in the simulation?

  • Buy / Cover-short orders are placed at the BID (in the example above BID: $238.61)

  • Sell / Short orders are placed at the ASK (in the example above ASK: $238.64)

  • Estimated returns (profit /losses) are calculated based on the "Last Traded Price," in the real world (in the example above the "Last Traded Real-world Price": $238.61).

  • We operate on a 15-minute price delay, this also means your orders will be placed 15 minutes after a market is open, and can still be placed 15 minutes after a market is closed.

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