Showcasing your work on EquitySim

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You've put significant work into your learnings on EquitySim. We've developed a way for you to showcase your work to generate connections and potential job opportunities.

For each of your portfolios you can turn on the "Live" function, which generates a link to your portfolio as it changes. 

1) Click Edit under your settings:

2) Make the portfolio 'public,' and you can copy and paste this link in your resume. 

3) Copy and Paste the link into your browser to view:

Sharing your Portfolio on Social Media: 

  • Linkedin: Highlight your experience and get spotted by recruiters

  • Twitter / Instagram: Take a screen shot of you portfolio (like I've done above), post it with the link and these hashtags: #equitysim #beyondtheresume

We're also encouraging employers to use those hashtags to scout for talent.

Adding your EquitySim Experience to your Resume: 

There are many employable skills that you put to the test while using EquitySim. Framed in the right way this can be a great showcase piece on your resume. Especially if you've joined a sponsored challenge.

We've designed a template to showcase your EquitySim experience. 

Here's a sample:

You can use the same template, just change what's in red, and the portfolio link.

Note: Make sure you hyperlink your Public Portfolio.

Check out this guide for more resources on how to build your resume:

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