Preparing for the interview

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When I was a student, I tried really hard to fit the mold I thought the interviewer wanted me to be. Not getting the job offer after an interview was a big failure sign.

Now that I look back I'd tell myself: "You don't actually want everyone to give you a job offer." Your best-case scenario is presenting yourself honestly and being chosen by those who think you will be a good fit for the company.

Interviews are an opportunity to test fit between an applicant and an employer.

When fighting for highly competitive career opportunities, where everyone has prepared their answers beforehand. The best advantage you have is to be yourself (as cliche as it sounds).

The person who can comfortably be themselves during the interview wins!

Easier said than done, it is a high-pressure environment and most of us have little experience doing it.

Here are some tips:

1) Don't memorize your answers!!!

Most large companies have a list of common interviewing questions. Prepare yourself by looking up these questions, and think deeply about WHAT your answer is. Do not memorize exactly HOW you will communicate it. This will mess you up more than it will help you.

2) Practice having natural conversations with strangers

We have very little practice meeting someone for the first time and communicating personal details about our lives. Here is where practice comes into play. Take any opportunity you can to stir up conversations with strangers (I know it is hard).

The EquitySim finalist group pairs you up with people to practice this. The more you can get comfortable talking to strangers, the more natural you will come up in the interview.

3) Record yourself, and review

Yes I know, cringe. But it is highly effective. We could all use a bit more polish when presenting ourselves in a professional manner. Watching yourself will allow you to pick up on small things that you can tweak.

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