Market Basics Challenge

Description: This challenge is designed to get you more comfortable with the financial markets. Your first goal is to place as many trades as you can, (even if these trades have no strategy or reasoning behind them). By placing trades and connecting outcomes you will increase your experience and familiarity with the markets.

Objective: Primary Objective: Place 100 trades while trying to make a profit.

Score Weighting:

90% Engagement

10% Return

Engagement Requirements:

100 Trades

Restrictions: None

Resources to help you succeed:

We encourage you to seek knowledge and resources outside of this platform. Here are a few articles we wrote to get you started. The below are clickable links:

  1. What is a stock?

  2. How do I buy/sell shares?

  3. How do I choose a stock?

  4. What is return?

  5. What is the engagement score?

  6. What is the total score?

  7. What is short-selling?

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