How do the Portfolio Emails Work?

Email Recap & Alerts Notifications

The markets are a sensitive creature, and it is difficult to predict how it will react to changes in the world.

To help you track these changes we designed the feature: "EMAIL RECAP & ALERTS." 2 Push notifications to help keep you updated when important events occur in your portfolio. 

Portfolio Recap Email

Receive a full summary of how your portfolio is performing {daily or weekly options} 

The email displays the changes in average return rate, and volatility (the two primary components in Sharpe Ratio). As well as securities in your portfolio that have increased and decreased the most. 

Portfolio Alerts Email

Get a notification when unusual activity occurs in your portfolio {every morning if something interesting occurs}.

We track 9 markets (countries), and the securities in your portfolio to let you know when something unusual has happened in your portfolios.

We use standard deviation (volatility) to evaluate the daily returns in the last 90 days. Based on this, you'll get an alert when a particular daily return is abnormal. 1SD being more frequently occurring, and 3SD being the least frequent.

read more on standard deviation and volatility here

Update Preferences in Settings Page

You are automatically subscribed to receive a weekly Portfolio recap email.
If you’d like to customize your email preferences, visit the settings page:

Activate the right emails for you!

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