My Trade is not being processed

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Trades in your order page that are "Pending" have not yet been processed by our system. There are 2 reasons this can occur.

1. The Market is Closed: Investments trade on different markets, each market is open according to specific timeframe and time zones.

United States + Canada [NYSE / NASDAQ / TSX]: 9:30am - 4:00pm EST (Mon - Fri)

United Kingdom [LSE]: 8am - 4:30pm BST (Mon-Fri)

Holidays: Markets are closed on statutory holidays for respective countries.

2. EquitySim Bug: Sometimes there are errors with our system that prevent your trade from being processed. Often this error does not persist for more than 2 hours. But you can send us a support ticket for our team to look at it.

How to report a Bug:

Please use the Lighthouse icon -> Contact, to submit a report, or email us at:

Please include: Date trade was placed, The ticker symbol, the number of shares

See example:

Additional note: EquitySim is a simulation platform that tries to mimic the real world the best we can. However, it is very difficult to do so. Please be patient with us, and remember that this platform is a tool for your learning first and foremost.

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