How am I Graded?

Your Professor will set customized grading criteria, but in general, our grading algorithm considers the following parameters:

  1. The number of trades you execute over the course of a semester.

  2. The minimum number of stocks you hold in your portfolio.

  3. The number of times, per week, a participant must check his/her portfolio.

Please ask your professor about the use of the above parameters in his or her course, as not all are always used. Furthermore, your professor manually sets the number of required actions to satisfy each requirement above.

Our grading algorithm does not take into account any other assignments in a course outside of EquitySim. Please speak with your professor to confirm the course expectations and check your overall grade.

How do I see my Grade?

On EquitySim, click on your course from the black navigation panel on the left. Then, click 'My Grade' at the top left of the screen.

Note: You must be enrolled in a course with grading enabled in order to see your grade. This grade solely reflects your performance on EquitySim and does not necessarily reflect your overall course grade.

See our grading policies.

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