Challenge Setting Types

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There are many ways you can configure a challenge. From the required amount of trades to how your participants are ranked for success. Compare the differences between our Challenge Types in the following table.

You can use any of these Challenge Types as is or use one of them as a starting point to configure your own custom Challenge.

Market Basics

Objective: Place 100 trades while trying to make a profit

This challenge will increase your comfort with the financial markets. Your first goal is to place as many trades as possible (even if these trades have no strategy or reasoning behind them). By placing trades and connecting outcomes, you will increase your experience and familiarity with the markets.

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Diversification Challenge

Objective: Build a diversified portfolio

This challenge explores the world of portfolio management and challenges you to build a diversified portfolio of investments. By the end of this challenge, candidates should have a general understanding of how to manage exposure to different asset-type, geopolitical, and industry risks.

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Sharpe Ratio Challenge

Objective: Balance return and volatility to maximize Sharpe ratio

In this challenge, you will examine risk and return separately in order to understand the relationship between the two. You will need to learn how to balance both to maximize the Sharpe ratio. By the end of this challenge, candidates should have a qualitative and quantitative understanding of how to use the Sharpe Ratio to evaluate risk vs return tradeoff decisions.

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Investment Challenge

Objective: Hold a diversified portfolio while maximizing return and Sharpe ratio.

Open to anyone from any field of study you will complete Challenge tasks while you learn how to manage a $1M investment portfolio. The money is fake, but the investments are real, you’ll need to keep up with current events while you choose which investment to trade.

Popularly used in college classrooms. See Syllabus integration below:

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Custom Challenge

You create your own challenge, write the context and description, and set the rules.

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