Introduction to Challenges

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What is an EquitySim Learning Challenge?

EquitySim is an online financial markets simulation that lets you trade the real financial markets, without staking any real capital. In our Learning Challenges, you will be given a set of metrics that you will need to optimize to place at the top of the leaderboard.

Here's a video that showcases the platform in action (click the play button to watch):

Challenge Objectives & Leaderboard

Click the challenge tab on the right-hand navigation to view the objectives for your unique challenge. This page will break down your points scored (combined score), and give you access to the participant's page where you can view your leaderboard standing.

Achievements - Badges & Certificates

At the end of each learning challenge, you will gain a link to your digital portfolio that outlines your performance and all of the challenge badges you earned. Certificates verify your work and can be used on your resume, Linkedin, or shared to show your progress to your peers.

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