How to set-up your team

Justin Ling Updated by Justin Ling

The team function enables learners to manage 1 portfolio from their separate EquitySim accounts. You will be able to differentiate the contribution each learner has made to the portfolio and teams compete with other teams on the leaderboard.

To set up a team, you will need to have the teams formulated outside of the platform and assign an organizer for each team. The organizer will join your class link and add their classmates to their team.

Step by step guide:

  1. Each team has an “organizer,” the organizer will join the challenge link, and add their team members to their group.
  2. To add team members click the settings cogwheel in your portfolio page, and click “Manage team”

NOTE: Each team member must have an existing EquitySim account to be added to their team

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