How does EquitySim compare to other simulations?

Job Opportunities. EquitySim is the only simulation that connects students with job opportunities through their displayed aptitude on the simulation. This innovative initiative goes beyond the resume to achieve merit-based hiring.

AI Driven. Students are evaluated on their learning curve, risk management, research and engagement through AI to gain insight on the quality of their work. This insight helps educators teach to the specific needs of the students and helps us identify traits to match them for the best-fit job opportunities.

Learning-Focused. We do not support day-trading. The purpose of our simulation is to incentive analysis and thought from the students through hands-on experience. We developed unique features where we encourage students to document their thesis or rational for trades.

Real-Time Market Data. Access US, Canadian, UK, Hong Kong, Europe, Australian, and South American markets. Trade equities, futures, options, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds using real-time market prices.

Note: if display price is inaccurate, the accurate market price at the time of the trade will be logged.

Automated grading. Professors and educators establish grading criteria and then easily export grade data into excel.

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