What is EquitySim?

EquitySim is an education technology company that uses simulations to provide an experiential learning environment for students, while developing and identifying unique student talent for top-tier employers.

We believe that learning shouldn’t be limited to textbooks and lecture halls, EquitySim fills in the gaps with gamified simulated paired with sophisticated evaluation methods. We are currently partnered with over 220 universities and used by educators in a diverse range of classrooms, from Intro to Finance to Investments.

What can you expect to learn?

Students enter the world of financial markets, a real-time playground where they can learn by interaction and apply classroom concepts from their laptops and mobile devices.

Connect theory to real-world practicality:

  • Engage in real-time markets

  • Learn how to trade different securities: Equities, ETFs, Bonds, Options

  • Coming soon: Futures, Mutual Funds, Cryptocurrency & more

  • Research company financials and key performance statistics

Encourage learning and experimentation:

  • Learn about various portfolio, trading, and hedging strategies through our resources created by professors and industry traders

  • Create, manage, and experiment with up to four portfolios simultaneously

  • Analyze trade activity and portfolio performance through Excel exports

How to get recruited for internships?

When you trade on EquitySim, we identify your abilities using our proprietary algorithm. Our data collection within the simulation is not limited to portfolio metrics (return, volatility, etc.), but also all the interactions you have with the simulation.

Our aim is to develop deep insights on your skills and behaviors to showcase you beyond what a resume could offer, helping you break through the biases within traditional recruiting.

By compiling all the behaviors and personality traits over time, our algorithm evaluates and scores the following:

  1. Aptitude to learn

  2. Risk Management

  3. Research

  4. Engagement

Rather than relying on GPA and resume work experience to land you your first internship with an investment bank, the metrics above are meant to showcase what really matters - your potential.

The following are the best actions you can take on the platform to showcase your potential:

  1. Experiment as much as possible: Play with new concepts and strategies - we want you to focus on learning and developing your understanding of the financial markets.

  2. Document your rationale with every trade: Let us know what you're trying out and why or any external research you've done on a company in the "One Liner" field on the trade menu. Even if a trade doesn't play out exactly as you'd expect, by having documented your thoughts we know exactly what you were aiming for.

  3. Check in on your portfolio frequently: While we like to see users actively checking up on their portfolios, it's important for you to check in and make the proper adjustments according to your strategies.

We're monitoring our platform users for the best scoring students year-round. For those who are identified for their aptitude through actively engaging with the simulation, our recruitment team will reach out to you for your final consent prior to connecting you with our partnered employers.

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