2022 Credit-Suisse Challenge

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Sponsored Learning Opportunity

Credit-Suisse (Asia Pacific) is providing sponsorship for students around the world to learn how to manage investments. Play this simulation and you could qualify for a trading internship at Credit-Suisse.

Click here to register: https://equitysim.com/challenges/credit-suisse/

How the game works

You will be given $1M in virtual currency to trade real financial securities in our online simulation. The objective is to learn how to build wealth by trying to balance risk and profit. Top performers will be recommended for an internship in Credit-Suisse's trading division (Australia or Hong Kong).

How to win a job opportunity at Credit-Suisse

Graduation Dates: To qualify you must be interested in having a full-time career in Australia, Hong Kong or Singapore. You must also be a penultimate student (this is non-negotiable). If the challenge you are in is named "Unqualified Investment Challenge" it means you do not meet one of the criteria to qualify for an internship.

Australia Recruitment Process

Job description: https://tas-creditsuisse.taleo.net/careersection/campus/jobdetail.ftl?job=200967&lang=en

  1. Showcase your talent in the simulation: (April 4 - July 1, 2022)
    EquitySim will choose 15 candidates to advance.
  2. First Round Interview with EquitySim: (July 1 - July 22, 2022)
    EquitySim will choose 5 candidates to advance.
  3. Final Round Interviews (Superday) with Credit-Suisse: (Aug 2 - 3, 2022)
    Credit-Suisse has 5 roles available in Australia.
Hong Kong / Singapore Recruitment Process
  1. Showcase your talent in the simulation: (May 2 - Sept 2, 2022)
    EquitySim will choose 40 candidates to advance.
  2. First Round Interview with EquitySim: (Sept 2 - Sept 19, 2022)
    EquitySim will choose 18 candidates to advance.
  3. Final Round Interviews (Superday) with Credit-Suisse: (Sept 26 - Sept 30, 2022)
    Credit-Suisse has 12 roles available in Hong Kong, and 2 roles available in Singapore.

Showcasing your talent in the simulation

1. The combined score ranking: measures your ability to master Diversification, Sharpe Ratio, and Volatility management. The top 10 performers will automatically advance to the interview round with EquitySim.

2. EquitySim Selected prospects

EquitySim will also select candidates based on your performance, strategy, and activity.

  • Australia: 5 additional candidates will be chosen through this method.
  • Hong Kong / Singapore: 30 Additional candidates will be chosen through this method.

How we will select candidates:

  • Your leaderboard scores: We will still be looking at your ability to optimize metrics. However, we understand that some people will be learning about markets for the first time, and will take this into consideration when choosing candidates outside of the top 10. Credit-Suisse does not need finance experts, but those who are passionate and can pick up concepts quickly.
  • Your strategy: We understand that there is a large element of luck involved with generating returns in a 4 month period. We will evaluate the strategies you've used in the challenge, those with ambitious, innovative strategies could be chosen, even if their returns are negative.

Make sure to communicate your strategy to us by filling in the "select strategy" section.

  • Partner meet-up submissions: Every two weeks, top performers will be paired to meet each other. This is a great opportunity to learn from your peers. At the end of every session, you will be prompted to submit your learnings from your meeting. We will read your submissions to determine your progress throughout the challenge.

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