2020 Credit Suisse Investment Challenge [Summer]

There is talent hidden all around the world. We partnered with Credit Suisse (Asia) to innovate the recruitment process and discover this talent.

EquitySim's simulation is built to help you learn about the financial markets while measuring your ability to adapt and perform. 

How it works 

You will be given $1M in virtual money to invest in the real financial markets. By working through a set of challenge objectives you'll learn about different concepts in the financial markets.

Impress our scouts during this time to qualify for an internship opportunity at Credit Suisse.


May 15th, 2020: Challenge Starts
Jun 15th, 2020: Finalist Group Opens
July 31st, 2020: Challenge Ends
August 10th, 2020: Challenge Winners Announced
October 15th, 2020: Challenge Winners Interview with Credit Suisse

How to get impress the scouts

The scouts are not just interested in Finance experts. They are looking for curious learners passionate about learning about the financial markets.

Impress the scouts by doing one of two things (or both):

  1. HIGH PERFORMANCE: Ranking high on the "Total Score" (found in the Classroom tab)

  2. DEMONSTRATE LEARNING POTENTIAL: Experiment, try different strategies, use rationales - our back-end technologies will monitor your activity to find candidates who demonstrate "learning potential"

Finalists Group

Scouts will choose candidates to join a finalist group. Here you will meet other finalists to discuss markets and prepare for interviews. You will also meet with EquitySim representatives. Winners are chosen from this group.

It is not just about the job opportunity

While many of you may be drawn in by the prospect of working at an elite firm like Credit Suisse, the reality is there are only 20 positions available.

The real value you can get out of this is the learning experience, which should be valuable to all students trying to enter any field. We also hope it is fun and enjoyable.

What now?

Check the "Classroom" tab to view your Challenge objectives.

I'm new to Finance where do I start?

How did we do?

2020 Credit Suisse Investment Challenge [Fall]