Interview Prep: Pitch me an Investment Idea

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Pitch me a stock Interview Structure

One-Line Recommendation

Be direct and clear when you communicate your recommendation

Explaining the company

Clearly articulate the business model, competitive landscape, or financial metrics that make this company interesting.

Three Reasons that support your recommendation  

Show the interviewer that you’ve done research and diligence. Use quantitative and qualitative data.

Bonus: What do I think that most people do not? Remember to make money in the markets, you need to think DIFFERENTLY than what the markets think, and be right. 

Tips for a great answer


Keep this to 120 seconds max! It is easy to want to overload your interviewer with information, but this will just make it harder for them to absorb anything. Slow it down, don’t rush your pitch, let the information sink in, you need your interviewer to absorb and understand what you are pitching for them to be sold. 

Confidence is key

Non-verbal cues are critical for an interview. When you are pitching use a slower pace, and speak clearly and concisely to communicate confidence. Practice makes perfect! 

Be ready for follow-up questions 

Know the metrics, and risks of the company, and come up with responses and content that is not covered in the original pitch. The interviewer may be curious and want to know more, and if you have more information ready you will come across as well-prepared. The interviewer may also try and attack your argument, so be prepared for rebuttals. 

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