Can I undo a trade?

If you look close enough you will find many discrepancies between our simulation and the real world. The simulation is not meant to mirror the real world, but rather to reflect it.

"Undeserved" wins or losses generated by price inaccuracies should be accepted as part of the simulation and treated as good/bad luck.

We cannot undo trades

The time and cost of undoing a trade are significant. To keep a fair playing ground, undoing a trade for one person would mean we would need to do it for everyone.

If you incurred a loss due to a data issue or system error you will need to absorb it and adjust accordingly. This might feel unfair but it is just bad luck, which is another element one much learn to manage in the markets.

Good luck in the simulation, we hope you make the most out of your learning experience with EquitySim!

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