How do I export classroom data?

Export unique reports to excel through our customizable rubric. 

1. Select the Export Course Data button on your Course Overview page.

2. Select the type of report you want to export.

Three Report Types:

2a. Portfolio Performance, this includes a list of your students and their weekly or monthly portfolio return. date transaction was made, security type, name, exchange, action, purchased price, quantity of shares, purchase total, order status, current price, currency, rational, and order status.

2b. Student Trade History, this includes a list of: 

  • Students

  • Students' Portfolio Name

  • the dates trades were executed 

  • the security name (ex. AAPL, AMZN, etc.)

  • exchange (ex. NYSE, NASDAQ, TSX, etc.)

  • trade type (ex. buy, sell, etc.)

  • trade price 

  • currency (ex. USD, CAD, etc.)

  • quantity 

  • total price 

  • order status (ex. processed, pending, etc.)

  • strategy (ex. Valuation, Sales Upside, Technical, etc.)

  • rationales

2c. Student Engagement Score, this report is based on the unique engagement score set per class, including number of trades executed, securities held, and rationals submitted. 

Note: Educators can specify which student portfolio to pull reports from.

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