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What is it for? To provide you with an analysis of your performance to help you improve.

Access the Performance page through the right-hand button on your Portfolio banner.

Portfolio Market Value

Displays how the value of your portfolio has changed over time. This gives you insight into your best and worst-performing days and the trend of your portfolio.

Example: The above portfolio shows a spike and drops in value in August. With a general steady uptrend. As a portfolio manager, I would want to investigate that sudden spike to manage my volatility going forward.

Benchmark Comparison

Displays your performance against common benchmarks (like the S&P 500). Benchmarks give a more accurate picture of you you performed. Ideally, you have higher highs, and your lows aren't as low as the benchmark.

Example: My portfolio has higher highs, but the lows are also lower than the benchmark. At an eyeballs glance, it looks like the degree of my highs justifies the lower lows.


Helps you understand how you are diversifying your risk across different types of investments, and where you have exposure gaps.

Example: On the left-hand spider chart, I can see my portfolio needs broader exposure to geographies and industries. On the right-hand bar graphs, I see that I have no exposure to bonds.

Sharpe Ratio

Displays the breakdown of your Sharpe Ratio calculation, and how it has changed over time.

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