Sharpe Ratio

What is a good Sharpe Ratio?

What Sharpe Ratio should you aim for?

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What is Sharpe Ratio?

EquitySim’s ranking uses Sharpe ratio. But what is Sharpe Ratio?

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What are average excess returns?

The Sharpe Ratio score uses average excess returns to calculate your profit performance. Total Returns. Total return displayed on your portfolio page calculates the total profit you have generated si…

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How to Improve Sharpe Ratio

An in-depth look at Sharpe Ratio

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How do I measure risk?

Understanding your risk profile is like quantifying your ability to sleep at night. You may be comfortable with taking more risk on your investments, thirsty for a bigger gain; or you may prefer to t…

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What is Return?

Examples and explanation for rate of return

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What is Volatility?

Volatility measures how much the returns of your portfolio fluctuate on a daily basis. You want to try to minimize the volatility of your portfolio to demonstrate you can make consistent returns. The…

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