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Organizer On-boarding

How to do you set-up your own EquitySim Challenge?

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Syllabus Integration

Integrate EquitySim in my class

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Can users share an account?

No. We don’t allow accounts to be shared because it would impede our ability to recruit individual students since activities would not be tied to a specific user.

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How do I export classroom data?

Export unique reports to excel through our customizable rubric. 1. Select the Export Course Data button on your Course Overview page.. 2. Select the type of report you want to export. Three Report Ty…

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How do I delete, archive and edit my class?

Delete a Class, found in the "Settings" dropdown menu, this will remove a class and end user access to the class data.. Edit Class List, found in the edit button in the header of "My Students" sectio…

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Challenge Setting Types

There are many ways you can configure a challenge. From the required amount of trades to how your participants are ranked for success. Compare the differences between our Challenge Types in the follo…

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