Individual Assignments

Asset Allocation (Assignment 1)

Learn more about asset allocation

Updated 9 months ago

Activity 1: Trading Frequency and Returns

LENGTH: 30 minutes on simulation, 30 minute discussion TYPE: Individual/Groups OVERVIEW: Below is a list of 10 volatile stocks, you will be attempting to maximize profits by frequently trading any (o…

Updated 9 months ago

Activity 2: ETFs and Asset Allocation

INSTRUCTIONS: Please use your long-term portfolio for this activity (if you haven't already created a portfolio for this long-term exercise, go ahead and do so now. Here are instructions on how to cr…

Updated 9 months ago

Activity 3: Creating a Long Stock Pitch

LENGTH: 1 -2 hours TYPE: Individual/Groups Sophistication Level: Low Learning Outcomes: Students learn how to: analyze a company. present recommendation for action. form an educated opinion on the fu…

Updated 9 months ago

Activity 4: Shorting, Correlation, and Hedging

Learn how to hedge by taking on different positions in similar companies and develop an understanding of correlation.

Updated 9 months ago

Activity 5: Equities — Stop and Limit Orders

Learn how to manage risk by using stop and limit orders while understanding the relative advantages and disadvantages of each.

Updated 9 months ago