We've partnered with Credit Suisse since 2016 to innovate the recruitment process, and in 2019, they leaped with us to launch our latest product innovation: Learning Challenges.

EquitySim: Learning Challenges

EquitySim is an online simulation where candidates are given $1M in virtual currency and learn principles of investment for three months. Employers sponsor these experiences known as "Learning Challenges."

Learning Challenges give employers a way to invest in their talent, as well as attract and identify from diverse pools that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. 

Here's how it works:

Credit Suisse: Sponsored 1,300+ Learning Experiences

Credit Suisse shared its Challenge link across Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Handshake, Yello, and Glassdoor. 

We generated 10,000+ site visits to the challenge and 1,300+ registered.

Additionally, 250+ People spent more than 4-5 hours a week playing the learning challenge. More time than the average person spends on Netflix!

Recruitment Results: 11/15 Finalists Receive Offers 

From this pool, we chose 15 finalists who would jump to final round interviews with Credit Suisse.

Our 2019 finalists accepted internship positions at: 

  • Credit Suisse (7 finalists)
  • Morgan Stanley (2 Finalists)
  • JP Morgan (1 Finalist) 
  • Goldman Sachs (1 Finalist) 

Business Benefits: Achieving More with Less

How did challenge finalists measure against the standard recruiting process?

  • EquitySim offer rates are 87% higher than pure Resume Screening
  • EquitySim offer rates are 20% higher than combined Resume & First Round Interview Screening
  • 100% of Finalists accepted their offers vs. 65% in regular recruiting 

Conclusion: EquitySim provides more accurate recommendations that translate to more efficient use of interviewing time.  

Additionally, since 2016, Credit Suisse's Asia Division has been phasing out on-Campus visits, and have decreased the size of their HR and recruiting teams. Scalable online platforms like EquitySim have helped Credit Suisse achieve better recruitment results with less cost.

Note: We did not replace the standard recruiting process, but supplemented it with an additional method.

Candidate Testimonial

Most importantly, candidates enjoyed the experience. They saw this as a fun game, rather than a test they needed to stress over to apply. Here's what they had to say: 

Interested to meet us?

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